Monday, 4 January 2016

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Why GNWL ticket has the best chance of Confirm ticket

There is the rule that say GN WL ticket has good chance of getting confirmed over the other like PQWL and RLWL Ticket.


This is because the tickets available from other quota like Ladies, Lower birth, Defense and if tatkal ticket quotas are provided first to GNWL ticket passenger as they are traveling in long route. And if still some seats are available after allotting to GN WL ticket holder they are transferred to PQ WL passenger.   

How Agents earn fast on Premium Tatkal Ticket during Season

The premium Tatkal ticket is only issued online and Agents have the chance to sale these tickets to passenger who plans just before 6 to 8 hour departure of train.

When there is Low season for reservation ticket these premium ticket are available at low price equal to normal tatkal ticket as normal passenger cannot purchase these tickets online because they do not have debit cards for payment.